ALBERTE   BRISSON  -  from Canada
ABSTRACT  PAINTER - A prolific career of 40 years
Images attached to“Index of Canadian Artists Visual Arts”, Lareau, 1998, Ottawa (Web)
Curriculum vitae

1938 :               Born on December 19th, in Pointe-au-Pere (Rimouski), Quebec;
1960 to 1986 :  Residing in Montreal, Quebec;
1966 to 1980 :  Fine Arts studies : Brebeuf College, Montreal, N.-Dame de Foy Campus Quebec ;
1966 :               Started career ; more than 30 exhibitions in Montreal, Rimouski,. France.
1986 :               Back to Rimouski (Pointe-au-Pere), drawing, illustration, and poetry ;
2004 & 2005 :  Arts studies : Rimouski college ;  UQAR’ University in Rimouski;
2006 :               THIRD GREAT  PRICE  in  ABSTRACT  in Montreal, awarded by
                         professional judges in Visuals Arts (Château Dufresne) amongst over than 300
                         painters (national) for my painting, “Rubanbel” (in “The Planets of my galaxy’s serial”)
                        oil on masonite 61x 61 cm/ 20x20 inches.
(CAPSQ)        Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Quebec, which is known by
                        a « Pluralism current ».
(RAAV)          Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels – Professional association.


2006 :              Chateau Dufresne Montreal, 23rd Great annual contest of CAPSQ ;
2005 :              Galerie Espace contemporain, Québec;
2005 :              Rimouski university (UQAR) ;
2003 :              Chateau Dufresne Montreal, Great annual contest of CAPSQ ;
2003 :              Musee de la mer, Pointe-au-Pere (Rimouski), Quebec ;
2002 :              Chateau des Ducs de Duras with CAPSQ Aquitaine, France ;
2001 :              Chamber of commerce, City of Saint-Laurent, Quebec with the CAPSQ;
1982 :              City of  Pointe-au-Pere’s Centennial ;
1982 :              Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay, Montreal ;
1980 :              Montreal Harbour ;
1977 :              Salon des metiers d’arts, Montreal with the CAPSQ ;
1975 :              Coin des Arts, Montreal Windsor Station ;
1974 :              First great exhibition Montreal – sponsored by Quebec Sculptors Assoc. ;    
1971 :              Société Radio-Canada (SRC) invited to sketch the artists singers
                        performing in Studio 11 with the animator Mrs Lise Payette ;
                       also interviewed  by Mrs Payette in the same radio broadcasting.

Artist progression

Abstract  were my art studies, but the manner « Pluraliste » is suiting me and my association with the CAPSQ gives me the liberty to choose my way : generally “Abstract” in paintings and “Figurative” in my drawings. Painting with “ink rooler” and brushes.  At 69, I continue my works in an acrylic serial called “The Planet of cellulars”(2007-08). Will I have a Web site, maybe ?  Meanwhile, see “Index of Cdn Artists ... by Lareau” and see my artist cv and works on letter “B”.

Bibliography  - Roundstone Council for the Arts, 1972-73, Toronto – Index of Canadian Artists (Visual arts) by Lareau, 1998, Ottawa (Web) – Répertoire artistique et culturel, Conseil de la culture du Bas-Saint-Laurent, 2003 – « Des titres qui inspirent », Éditions Québec Gerbivole, 2003 (illustration of a book cover).