(text prepared by the artist and sent to François Lareau on 22 May 2007)

- Born Montreal.
- Studied with John Lyman, Gordon Webber, 4 years.
B.F.A., McGill University.
Studied graphic arts (lithography, woodcut, etching) on
scholarship at The Art Students League of New York ,
( A.S.L. bought etching for its permanent collection).
- Returned to Montreal, 1959.
- On Permanent list of artists of the Gallery.(1959 - 1985 )
Works exhibited Waddington Galleries, Montreal


Waddington Galleries, Montreal (gouaches), 1961

Waddington Galleries, Montreal (etchings), 1968

Waddington Galleries, Montreal (etchings), 1970

Waddington Galleries, Montreal (gouaches), 1972

Waddington Galleries, Montreal, 1972
Zodiac series of etchings.

Paul Schuster Gallery, Cambridge, Mass. (gouaches)
Tufts University, Medford, Mass. (gouaches)

Gallery 1667, Halifax, N.S. (etchings)

Galerie Andre-Georges, Montreal, 1974
(gouaches, etchings, lithographs,woodcuts)

Tennessee Fine Arts Centre, Cheekwood,
Nashville, Tennesseee (etchings).

Exhibition of 24 gouaches ("BESTIARE") and 30
etchings at Centre d'Art Mont-Royal, organized by
Service des Activites Culturelles de Montreal
August 6 - 31, 1980.

One-Man (solo) & Group Exhibitions, Canada/ USA /Europe


Gutow Gallery, Flint, Michigan (two-man show)
June 1971.

McGill University, Faculty of Education,
(four-man show) of graphic art, 1975.

Galerie Les Deux B, St.Antoine- sur- Richelieu, P.Q.
(two-man show), January 1979.


La Galerie U.Q.A.M. (Universite de Quebec a Montreal)
"Le Dessin, moyen d'expression et de conceptualisation."
(Membres de la S.A.P.Q./
Societe des Artistes Professionels du Quebec)

Bibliotheque Nationale, Montreal.
Association des Graveurs.

The French School of Toronto,
show/ sale of Canadian Art.

1975 - 77
Dawson College, Montreal
Exhibition of Quebec Professional Artists

1970 - 1995
Thomas More Institute
Annual Contemporary Professional Quebec Artists

1975 - 80
N.C.J.W. (Ottawa)
Show / sale of Contemporary Canadian Art.

1975 - 80
Canadian Cancer Research Society, Montreal,
"On canvas" show / sale of Canadian Art.

1975 & 1976 -
Sir George Williams University (Concordia University),
Weissman Gallery, Montreal

1975 -
McGill University, Montreal
Faculty Club
Group show of Canadian paintings

1975 -
Galerie SIGNAL (SAPQ), Montreal
"Le Nu" (lithograph)

1975 -
Galerie SIGNAL (SAPQ), Montreal
"Tendances Figuratives"
(2 gouaches, 3 etchings)

1975 - December
"Petits Formats".( Kleinmeister etching shown)

1975 - April
McGill University, Montreal
Faculty of Education
Four-man exhibition / graphics arts
(Ballon etchings).

1975 -
Galerie BALCON LES IMAGES, Montreal
"Variations Imagiques sur le theme de Maurice Ravel".
Paintings shown (gouaches).
Also, Artists of the Gallery shows , 1975 &1976.

1976 -
1976 Olympics in Montreal.
"Exposition Multidisciplinaired'Artistes du Quebec".
Pavillon des Arts de l'U.Q.A.M. (Universite du Quebec À Montreal)
Groupe S.A.P.Q. for C.O.J.O./ Olympics Committee
(gouaches). Reproduced in catalogue.

1979 -
Galerie LES DEUX B, St.Antoine-sur-Richelieu, P.Q.
Artists of the Gallery Shows

1977 - 79.
"39 Prints" by members of the S.A.P.Q.
Exhibition of Graphics opening at Edinburgh, Scotland,
March 1977, in conjunction with Quebec/Canada Film Festival.
Quebec Graphics Exhibition sponsored by S.A.P.Q.
at request of British Embassy, London, England.
Two-year travelling exhibition thru Scotland, Wales & England.,
organized by the Canadian High Commission, London
and the Scottish Arts Council.
Canada House, Trafalgar Square London, May 1977, -
Oxford, York, Cardiff, etc. Was member of four man jury,
work of jury was shown as requested ("MagicFluteplayer" etching).

1978 - 79
"L'Art en petits formats"
( including Ballon Zodiac Series & other etchings).

1979 -
Pleiades Gallery, New York City, N.Y.
Group Show of Quebec Painters

1979 -
Centre d'Art Mont-Royal, Montreal.
Services des activites Culturelles du Montreal
Conseil de la Peinture du Quebec, group show

1979 -
World Trade Center, New York City, N.Y.
One of "10 Quebec Painters" chosen for
international show.

1980 -
Musee Universelle de la Chasse et de la Nature
Pavillon International de la Chasse et de la Nature,
Man & His World, Montreal. (gouaches paintings)

1980 -
International Congress of Hospital Administrators
Montreal (15 etchings shown)

1980 -
Bordeaux, France.
(femmes-artistes de Quebec au 1970-80)
Also 1981 at
Ministere des Affaires Culturelles du Quebec
& U.Q.A.M.(Universite du Quebec À Montreal)

1979 - 82
Christchurch Cathedral
Art Sale & Exhibit of Quebec Art,

1981 -
Exhibition of Miniatures,
Galerie de la S.A.V.Q.,Montreal
(Societe des Artistes Visuels du Quebec)
(Kleinmeister etching shown).

1981 -
Galerie AQUATINTE Montreal,
"D'hier À Aujourd'hui",
14 Gallery artists (Ballon etching/ gouache painting)

1982 -
Concordia University, Institut Simone de Beauvoir,
"Artistes Quebecoises"(Women Artists of Quebec)
City of Montreal Cultural Services,
International Conference on Research
& Teaching Related to Women.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Sales & Rental Gallery
Group show of Paintings,
St. Lambert Art Center, P.Q.

1983 - 84
Show/auction for C.N.I.B. (I.N.C.A.)
Sheraton Center, Montreal.

Canadian-Ukranian Art Exhibition
"Coq d'Or" Series (etchings)

1971 - 2001.
Dawson College
Exhibition of Contemporary Professional
Quebec Artists,
(Ballon Painting in permanent collection - purchase prize )

1986 - 1988
Cancer Research Society
Show/ auction of Canadian Professional Artists,
Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, P.Q.

1970 - 1995
Thomas More Institute
Exhibition & Sale of Contemporary Professional
Quebec Artists
Montreal, P.Q.

1992 , 1993 & 1994 -
Montreal, Quebec.

Galerie de la Ville, (City Hall Gallery)
Dollard des Ormeaux,(Montreal) P.Q.

ARTS SUTTON, (Eastern Townships, P.Q.)
May - "1001 Facets" (Artists of the Gallery)
Dec.- "Petit Formats" Exhibition

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts,
Sales & Rental Gallery
Annual Group shows....up to & including 2003 +


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Annual Spring Exhibition

Exhibition & Sale of Contemporary Canadian Art,1961
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Sales & Rental Gallery.
Annual Shows (Gallery Artists).

Gallery 1667, Halifax, N.S.

The Winnipeg Show, Winnipeg, Manitoba (annual).

The "Under 30" Shows, St. Helen's Island, Montreal

Society of Painters,Etchers & Engravers,
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Society of Graphic Art,
London, Ontario/ and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Cassel Gallery, Fredericton, N.B.
(Artists of the gallery)

Wells Gallery, Ottawa.

Waddington Galleries, Montreal
(Artists of the gallery)

Galerie Les Deux B, St .Antoine-sur-Richelieu, P.Q.
(Artists of the gallery shows)

Galerie Aquatinte, Montreal,
(Artists of the gallery shows)

Graphic Art Show.
Chilliwack, B.C.

Femmes Peintres, 1961. ( Quebec Women Painters)
City of Montreal, Affaires Culturelles.

Quebec Heart Foundation
Show of Canadian Professional Artists,
Montreal, P.Q. (annual invitational)

Galerie Media (gravures et multiples/prints)

Royal Canadian Academy of Art
Hamilton, Ontario, and
Edmonton, Alta. 1969

Hadassah Art Auctions, Montreal.

O.R.T. Shows, Montreal.

Thomas More Institute. 1970 - 1995
Exhibition & Sale of Contemporary Professional
Quebec Artists

Dawson College, Montreal. 1971- 2001.
Exhibition of Contemporary Professional Quebec Artists
Painting In Permanent Collection. (purchase award)

Wallack Galleries, Ottawa
Gallery Artists &
"December Choice", 1974.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, "Art/74"
Show & Sale of contemporary Canadian Art
"Les Galeries d'Anjou", Montreal

Graphic Arts Show.
Burnaby, B.C.

Canadian Society for Painters in Watercolor
47th Annual Exhibition (1973)
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Printmakers Showcase, 1973 & 74.
Carleton University, Ottawa

Salon des Metiers d'Art du Quebec,1973 & 74.
Place Bonaventure, Montreal
(Association des Graveurs)

Salon des Metiers d'Art du Quebec 1974
Quebec City, P.Q.

5th International Print Biennale, 1974

Intergraphia 74 -
Katowice, Poland

"Diaporama"- June, 1974
Basle, Switzerland

Sir George Williams University,( Concordia University)
Show/ Sale of Leading Contemporary Canadian Artists
Montreal. 1970 - 81 . (Annual Invitational)

La Galerie U.Q.A.M. (Universite de Quebec a Montreal)

La Galerie SIGNAL,Montreal
(SAPQ) Societe des Artistes Professionels du Quebec.
Group Shows, 1974 - etc.

1974 Cancer Research Society
"On Canvas"(Canadian Artists) Montreal

Galerie Aquatinte - Montreal
Artists of the gallery.

Peretz Schools, 1971-79
"Canadian Collection" Show / Sale
Calgary, Alberta.

MEMBERSHIPS....Former member of

Conseil des Artistes Peintres du Quebec,
(formerly Conseil de la Peinture du Quebec.)
Societe des Artistes Professionnels du Quebec
Societe des Artistes en Arts Visuels du Quebec
Conseil de la Gravure du Quebec, formerly
Association des Graveurs du Quebec.

Canadian Conference of the Arts

Canadian Society for Color in Art, Industry
and Science.


1.) "Art au Quebec Depuis 1940" (1940 - 1970)
By Guy Robert
Les Editions LaPresse (Montreal) 1973
Reprinted 1977, 1980, etc. (etching)

2.) "Art Actuelle au Quebec (depuis 1970)"
By Guy Robert
Iconia Press (Quebec) 1983.
(painting & etching)

3.) "Canadian Artists in Exhibition, 1972/73",
Vol. l, Part of the "National Artists Survey
of Canada". Roundstone Council for the Arts.
Roundstone Press, Toronto, 1974.

4.) "39 Prints by Members of the Societe
des Artistes Professionnnels du Quebec"
Canadian High Commission, London, 1977.

5.) Canadian Printmakers Showcase,
Carleton University, Ottawa 1973 & 1974

6.) "Canadian Printmaking"
York University, Toronto

7.) "Propos d'Art",
Montreal, 1981.
Reproduction of gouache painting ("Fish").

8.) Conseil de la Gravure du Quebec, 1981.
Members' works. Reproduction of
Zodiac Series (etchings)

9.) "Exposition Multidisciplinaire d'Artistes du
Quebec", Montreal, 1976
Montreal Olympics Committee

10.) "Cinquante (50) Artistes de Chez Nous" -
Galerie d'Art Les Deux B, 1983.
Lancement du livre au Salon Nationale des
Galeries d'Art, Palais du Congres, Montreal,P.Q.
Sept. 2, 1983.

11.) "Artistes Plasticiens"
(history of Art In Quebec, tradional & contemporary
presented in the form of alphabetized dictionary)
By Andre Comeau
Editions Bellarmin, Montreal. 1983.


- C.I.L. Collection
- Vincent Price Collection.
- Pratt & Whitney,Canada
- Laurier Lapierre personal collection.
- Peat - Marwick Collection.
- Dawson College, Montreal
- Art Students League of New York Collection


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts,
Galerie ARTE Montreal
Sales & Rental Gallery
2154 Crescent Street, Montreal H3G 2B8

Group shows etc. ....
up to & including 2007.


National Film Board of Canada (ONF):

"La Fougere et la Rouille, ou Collage 2", film de
Jacques Giraldeau, 1975. Shown at Musee de l'Art
Contemporain, Montreal, June 8-22, 1975, and
throughout Quebec & Canada Museums,
schools, art schools, colleges, etc.
(film on creative artists/ visual artsin Quebec)
Ballon etchings in film.