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Veterans/Vétérans -- Canada 

Victory Loan Campaign, War Poster, 1918, 60.8 x 89.3 cm, Collection: Public Archives Canada.  I have removed the bottom part
that reads "Buy Victory Bonds".

Government Web Sites
- Veterans Affairs Canada
- Veterans Ombudsman
- Veterans Review and Appeal Boad

Legion Web Sites

- Did you know a Legion Service Officer can help you?
- Need help with VAC Disability Benefits, Programs and Services?
- Service Officer Handbook and al.

Non-Government Web Sites

Canadian Veterans Advocacy
Homecoming Vets -- Veteran's User Guide



Reports, reports and reports...et oui des rapports. des rapports et des rapports


- Veterans' Ombudsman: -- Veterans' Right to Fair Adjudication: Analysis of Federal Courts Decisions Pertaining to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board, March 2012, available at http://www.ombudsman-veterans.gc.ca/reports-rapports/vrab-tacra-03-2012-eng.cfm

- Equitas Disabled Soldiers Funding Society, The Reduction of Canadian Forces Members'  Disability Benefits: The Effects of the 2006  New Veterans Charter,  April 2012, available at http://equitassociety.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/position_paper_NVC_final_april_2012-b.pdf; case of Daniel Christopher Scott, Mark Douglas Campbell, Gavin Michael David Flett, Kevin Albert Matthew
Berry, Bradley Darren Quast, Aaron Michael Bedard
, Plaintiffs AND The Attorney General of Canada, Defendant, now before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Vancouver Registry, 28 November 2012,
No. S-127611; see also the video clip where the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Don Sorochan, appears -- http://www.chbcnews.ca/video/veterans+suing+ottawa/video.html?v=2298478293#video

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Canadian Forces Ombudsman, Reserved Care : A Follow Up into the Treatment of Injured Reservists, available at http://www.ombudsman.forces.gc.ca/rep-rap/sr-rs/rc-sr/index-eng.asp and Fortitude Under Fatigue: Assessing the Delivery of Care for Operational Stress Injuries that Canadian Forces Members Need and Deserve, available at http://www.ombudsman.forces.gc.ca/rep-rap/sr-rs/fuf-csf/index-eng.asp


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