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                                                                            Ottawa, 16 September 1998

The Honourable John Havelock
Minister of Justice and Attorney General Alberta
Legislature Office # 320, 10800-97 Avenue
Edmonton,  AB,   T5K 2B6

Subject: Reform of the General Part of the Criminal Code


          Further to my letter of 15 September 1998, I have noticed an important mistake in it.

          At p. 3, please add the word "not" before the words "get a reply" in the sentence:

 "To finish with this letter, I did get a reply to my last paragraph of my letter of 12 August 1998 which read:
  I am curious if  your Department submitted a brief in response to the June 1993 document "Proposals to amend the Criminal Code (general principles)" or for the documents of November and December 1994 mentioned above?  In the affirmative, would it be possible to obtain a copy, please.'"

           Please excuse my mistake.  Again thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you in the near future.

                                                                                                     François Lareau"