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                                                                           Ottawa, 14 September 1998
Office of the Auditor General
Mr. Alan Gilmore
Principal, Audit Operations

Subject: Modern Criminal Code and General Part -
               Department of Justice Canada


           I understand that the Auditor General only reports to Parliament.  However, I find that the Auditor General is not truly accountable to Parliament.  For example, should you decide not to investigate and report my complaint, how is Parliament going to know about it (unless I write separately)?  There should be a mechanism in the law; for example,  there could be an appendix to the annual report, entitled, "Complaints Not Investigated", containing a short summary of each complaint not investigated (with the permission of the complainant), the auditor general's reason for not investigating,  and a short answer by the Department concerned.  If time permits, I will bring up this matter with the appropriate authorities (Department of Finance and Public Accounts Standing Committee).  Maybe the Act should be amended.

           As discussed with counsel, Jean Ste-Marie, it would be very useful for my file, if you could answer my first fax of 11 September 1998 by saying that the Auditor General only reports to Parliament and that the only way I will find out if any action has been taken following my complainant is by reading the annual report of the Auditor General.   I trust that you will understand my great frustration with the process.   Thank you.


                                                                           François Lareau
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