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                                                                             Ottawa, February 17, 1999

Ms Maureen Maloney, Q.C.
Deputy Attorney General British Columbia
P.O. Box 9290, STN PROV GOVT
Victoria, BC, V8W 9J7

Ms. Maloney:

Subject: Reform of the General Part of the Criminal Code

           I attach a copy of my letter of February 15, 1999 to the Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh as this matter is of  interest to you,  Mr. Ernie Quantz, Q.C., the Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Criminal Justice Branch and Mr. Hal N. Yacowar, Director, Policy and Legislation.

           To encourage public discussion on the fundamental issue of a comprehensive recodification of the General Part,  I have posted this letter to my web page under the topic "Chronology  -  Towards a Modern General Part of a New Canadian Criminal Code?".

           I hope to hear from your province in the near future.  Thank you.

                                                                                      François Lareau