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                                                                                               Ottawa, April 21, 1999

The Hon. Glen Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Office of the Premier
PO Box 9041, Stn. Prov. Govt.
Victoria, BC, V8W 9E1

Dear Mr. Clark:

           Thank you for your letter of March 29, 1999 (copy attached).   Since I have written you, I have sent two other letters, dated February 15, 1999 to the Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh and February 17, 1999 to Ms Maureen Maloney, Q.C., Deputy Attorney General British Columbia.   I attach a copy of these letters.

           Unfortunately, I have not yet received a reply yet from any of my letters since my first letter of August 12, 1999. I have received replies from other Attorney General which I have posted at my web page "Chronology  -  Towards a Modern General Part of a New Canadian Criminal Code?" at

           I believe that I have raised some serious policy issues with the Attorney General.  In the absence of a reply from the Attorney General or his officials, may I ask you what is your position on the issues that I have pointed out in my letters and that are of direct interest to the citizens of your province and the rest of Canada?

          Again, I much appreciated the courtesy of your reply.


                                                                                              François Lareau
copy: Ms Maureen Malaoney, Q.C.
          Deputy Attorney General British Columbia
          (No attachment except Mr. Clark's letter)