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                                                                    Ottawa, 4 November 1998

The Honourable Greg Byrne, Q.C.
Minister of Justice and Attorney General - New Brunswick
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB    E3B 5H1

Dear Sir:

Subject: Reform of the General Part of the Criminal Code

          Thank you very much for your letter of 22 October 1998.  I appreciate the dialogue.

          It is with some regret that I must conclude that you,  as Minister of Justice of New Brunswick, have not developed and consequently do not have a criminal law policy on the recodification of the General Part, the first step in having a modern Criminal Code.  With respect, you seem more like a Minister who reacts to the initiatives of the Minister of Justice Canada rather than proposing ideas on reform.

           May I suggest that you ask your officials to prepare for you a position paper on the need to have a comprehensive recodification of the General Part.  I think that as the Minister responsible for the administration of criminal justice for the Province of New Brunswick, you should at least have a position on this fundamental issue.   I think that you have a duty to the citizens of New Brunswick in this regard.  It is important for a Minister of Justice to be well informed of this fundamental law reform issue.

             In my last two letters, I had asked if your Department had submitted a brief to the proposals of the Minister of Justice Canada.  Could you again ask  your staff to provide me with an answer?  Thank you.

           I know that you will take some leadership on this issue.  I hope that I have not offended you with my blunt style, but you can be assured that the more you are informed and knowledgeable about law reform, the more efficient you will be in your position.  Immanuel Kant, once stated that there is nothing more practical than a good theory!

           I hope to hear again from you in the near future.  Thank you.


                                                                                     François Lareau"