"October 22, 1998

Mr. François Lareau:

Thank you for your recent letter concerning Reform of the General Part of the Criminal Code.  You have raised a number of very interesting issues.

As I indicated to you in my earlier letter, we are actively participating in the Criminal Code reform process with the federal government.  Through federal/provincial/territorial meetings of officials, Deputies and Attorneys General, we are continually providing input to the reform process.  I can appreciate your desire for more rapid advancement of this issue.  The pace of change can sometimes be frustrating.  However, significant enhancements have been achieved over the last few years.  Through ongoing participation in these forums, provinces can continue to have input in the dialogue and review.

I appreciate your concerns and your efforts in expressing your views on the future of criminal reform in Canada.  Thank you for your input.

Yours truly,
Greg Byrne, Q.C.