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                                                                                  Ottawa, 16 September 1998

Mr. David B. Riley
Office of the  Deputy Minister
Community Affairs & Attorney General
Fax: (902) 368-4121

Subject: Reform of the General Part of the Criminal Code


          Thank you for your letter of 8 September.  I liked the tone.  I felt that you had put some efforts in your reply and that you had been honest with me.

          In its 1994, the Canadian Bar Association representing more than 37,000 jurists across Canada wrote in its Submission to the Minister of Justice on the Proposals to Amend the Criminal Code (General Principles) that:  "The Canadian Bar Association reiterates its strong commitment to achieving recodification of the General Part of the Criminal Code.  In our view this must be a top priority for law reform efforts.  All of the necessary background work has been carried out.  The only step remaining is to draft legislation which is consistent with the well laid out principles of recodification: clarity, rationality and comprehensiveness."   I hope that the Attorney General of PEI and yourself share this view.

             I am faxing to you a copy of a letter from the Quebec Attorney's General office dated 14 September 1998.   Could I ask you to bring this letter to the attention of Mr. Binns so that he may be appraised of the reaction of another province on this important issue?  Finally, will the officials of your department inform me if your department submitted a brief as explained at p. 3 of my letter?  Thank you again.

                                                                                  François Lareau"