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Subject: Reform of the General Part of
               the Criminal Code

          I attach a copy of a letter of F.G. Palmer, Deputy Commisioner Operations, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, March 14, 1995.  I obtained a copy of this letter from the Department of Justice.   I am doing some research on the General Part.

          Mr. Palmer writes on p. 1:

"This part of the codified law does not accurately reflect the values and concerns of our evolving pluralistic society and the leading court decisions. ... We would be supportive of legislative change which would simplify and rationalize the provisions of the General Part of the Criminal Code, ensure equality before and under the law, and foster accountability of the individual for their criminal conduct."
          I support the RCMP position expressed above.

          I believe that the proper approach to law reform  is a comprehensive and principled recodification of the General Part.  Do you share my opinion?  Thank you.


                                                                                    François Lareau"