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                                                                                  Ottawa, 28 October 1998

The Honourable John Nilson, Q.C.
Minister of Justice and Attorney General - Saskatchewan
Room 30, Legislative Building
Regina, SK,   S4S 0B3


Subject: Reform of the General Part of the Criminal Code

          Thank you for your letter of October 16 1998.  While not in agreement with them, I respect your opinion and your policy orientation on the subject.

           I appreciate the fact that you "will keep [my]...comments in mind during any further discussions on this issue".   One of the problems with this approach is that ministers of Justice come and go and bureaucrats forget!  As a constructive suggestion, could you instruct your staff to have this file BF (bring forward) in one year (even if you are not there any more) so that you or your replacement can ascertain if a follow-up is necessary?

           While I may criticize bureaucrats, I also very much respect them.  In this connection,  I would like to report that I am very impressed with  the efficiency of your correspondence unit.  I have written to the other provincial Attorney Generals back in August, and I am still waiting for an acknowledgement from some of them!

           I am sending a copy of this letter to Professor Quigley.  I have not discussed this matter with him.  However, I find that it is important that there be a forum on this important policy matter.   Today's  teaching of law is too much oriented towards the practice of law rather than its theory (and I am not criticizing Professor Quigley who I do not know nor do I know anything about his teaching methods) .  As we all know, there was a time in England where law was not taught at university for lawyers.  Philosophy of law is a reflection on the Law.   Law has become too compartmentalized.

           I hope that we will have the opportunity to discuss this subject again in the near future when we know the results of the piecemeal approach to law reform taken by the Honourable Ann McLellan on self-defence, defence of property and provocation.

              I believe that I can trust you as a colleague who, like me, loves the Law and wants to improve it.  Thank you.


                                                                                           François Lareau
cc: Professor T.L. Quigley