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 new House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 2nd ed.
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List of Reports and Returns 41-1 --   updated for period 6 March 2010 -  2 June 2011
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Standing Orders --- Annotated Standing Orders (2005)

Compendium of Procedure

Marleau and Montpetit--- new House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 2nd ed.

Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure

Digitization Publications -- Parliament -- Working Paper 2009

Auditor General -- Order Paper Questions
order Paper Questions 2 – PCO

Officers of Parliament

Ms. or Mrs.

Parliaments and Sessions   --- Parliaments  ---- Elections

Members of Parliament

Board of Internal Economy (BIO) -- By-Laws --- Bureau de Régie interne -- Règlements administratifs
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On Parliamentary Privilege...
Mr. Walsh’s letter, 10 December 2009,
Department of Justice letter, 9 December 2009,
Mr. Walsh’s letter, 7 December 2009,
Mr. Jack Harris, MP, Hansard, 26 November 2009

Journals, up to vol. 96, Archives, available at

Sessional Papers

Senate's Index

Laws (Federal)

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H. of C. Bills and LEGISInfo
Private Members Public Bills Passed by Parliament -- 1910 to date

Department of Justice--Annual--- Boolean, time etc.---CanLII--- CanLII -- Beta -- Point-in-time databases --- Canada Gazette, Part III
Appropriation Acts from Treasury Board --- Leader of the Government in the House of Commons --- PCO/Legislation and House Planning
              [Criminal Code] 
Table of Public Statutes  ---  Tableau des lois d'intérêt public

British Legislation affecting Canada

Canada Gazette -- Statutes of Canada, Part III/
Gazette du Canada, Lois du Canada, partie III
30 Nov 83-20 Jun 85,
28 Jun 85-1 Nov 88,
29 Nov 88-6 Sep 89,
2 Jan 90-18 Dec 92,
14 Feb 92-12 Jul 94,
9 Sep 94-2 Feb 98,¸

Consolidated Statutes/Regulations as of
31 Dec 96
31 Dec 99
30 Apr 00

Revised Statutes  of Canada, 1970, available at

Revised Statutes of Canada, 1906, available at
also see
Statutory annotations to the Revised statutes of Canada, 1906, and other Canadian statutes : providing references to every change made by the annual statutes for 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914 (1919), available at

Consolidated Regulations/Codifications des règlements : 1874, 1889, 1949, 1955 and 1978


Canada Gazette 1998-  -- Search Engine---- Canada Gazette 1841-1997
Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments (Bilingual)  (as of  30 September 2009) --- Site 2
History of the Canada Gazette
Articles on the Canadian Gazette

Orders in Council  Database from PCO --- Orders 1867-1910
PCO -- Orders in Council Division
WIKIPEDIA -- The Free Encyclopedia -- "Order-in-Council"

Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982  --- About the Constitution --- Constitutional Documents
Portal: Constitutional documents of Canada
Responsibility in the Constitution (ministerial responsibility etc.)
Charter (Charter of Rights and Freedoms)  --  Digest --Digest
Constitutional Development 1663-1982
Chronology: Constitution since Patriation


Early Canadiana on Line / Notre mémoire en ligne

Treasury Board -- Regulatory Affairs --- Conseil du Trésor -- Affaires réglementaires

List of Pre-Confederation Official Publications, 1534-1866

Compendium of Dominion Laws of Canada 1867-1883

Table of the Statutes of the Dominion of Canada (1874)

Bligh's Dominion Law Index down to and including 1890
Bligh's Dominion Law Index 1867-1897
Bligh's Dominion Law Index 1867-1914

The reference book being a detailed index of all public and private
statutes and orders in Council contained therein passed by the Canadian
Parliament and by the Legislature of the several Canadian provinces,
since Confederation, down to and including the year 1887, 2nd ed., 1888

Perpetual ready reference guide to the Statutes of Canada [microform] : viz. the revised statutes of 1886, and all subsequent amending, repealing, cognate and new acts (1891)

Annotations upon the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1906 (1907)

Laws -- Current Research Project

Books on Federal Regulations & Laws

HOULE, France, Analyses d’impact et consultations réglementaires au canada Étude sur les transformations du processus réglementaire fédéral : de la réglementation pathogène à la réglementation intelligente, Éditions Yvon Blais
Les règlements dominent le paysage normatif depuis plus d’un demi-siècle en
droit public, mais les ouvrages de droit canadien consacrés à ce thème sont rares. 
Ce livre comble un champ particulier laissé vacant par les juristes :  il porte sur les
développements du processus réglementaire fédéral depuis les années 1970.  Il
explique les fondements des obligations qui incombent dorénavant aux autorités
réglementaires fédérales de produire des analyses d’impact de la réglementation
et de procéder à des consultations avec les parties prenantes et le public en
Couverture rigide • 2012 • 978-2-89635-578-5 • 604 pages • 74,95

Federal Government      My notes

Treasury Board Policies

What's New-- General Index--Privy Council Office--- Treasury Board Secretariat --- Government of Canada---- Canadian Intergovermental Conference Secretariat
Public Service Commission --- Department of Justice--Public Safety Canada---

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Government of Canada ---  Search All  ---- Government News  --- Federal News Releases
Government of Canada -- Archives from 1998
Solicitor General Archives 1997-2008
Correction Service Canada -- Archives from 1996

Prime Minister  ---  Prime Ministers of Canada 

Governor General  ---Privy Council Office --  Role and Structure of PC (2008)   ----Privy Councillors 
Governor in Council Appointment Process ----

Cabinet Committee Mandates and Memberships -- Oct 2008

Cabinet Conclusions -- new

Instrument of Advice (Canada Gazette, Part I, 22 November 2008 at p. 2992) --- Orders in Council for Ministers of State, Canada Gazette, Part II, 12 November 2008

Orders in Council for Ministers of State, Canada Gazette, Part II, 3 February 2010

Swearing-in -- New Ministry ---  The Ministry with pictures  ---   The Ministry (PDF)

The Ministry from H.of C.  ---  Ministers of the Crown from H. of C.  --- Ministers, Parl. Secretaries, Critics --- Ministries--Cabinets since 1867

Ministers of State -- Secretaries of State

Current Cabinet -- Names --- Cabinet

Federal databases on the Internet

Departments and Agencies --

Department of Justice -- Archives
Department of Justice -- Archives # 2
Department of Justice -- Archives # 3 = 1997-2008

 Role and Structure of PCO 2011-

Search by Department and Agency --  Info Source 2008-- Info Source 2009-- Info Source--- Info Source (archives)

Population Affiliation Report---  History of Departments

Departmental Performance Reports 1995-   ---  Departmental Reports on Plans and Priorities 1995-  ---

Ministries 2001 to present ---Ministries since 1867

Ministries and Responsibilities (new for me May 2010)

Federal Organizations by Category --- Federal Organizations Alphabetically  --- Federal Organizations Alphabetically # 2--  Federal Organizations by Portofolio

Guide to Canadian Ministries since Confederation

Federal Institutions  ---  Crown Corporations 2000  ---  Establishing and Operating as a Federal Crown Corporation

Need information on meaning of:
Department (ministère) – Schedule I of FAA
Special Operating Agency (SOA) (organisme de service spécial (OSS))
Agents of Parliament ((agents du Parlement)
Statutory and Other Agencies (organismes créés par une loi et autres organismes)
Departmental Corporation (établissement public) Schedule II of FAA
Service Agency (organisme de services)—Schedule II of FAA
Parent Crown corporations (organisme de services)Schedule III of FAA
Reporting of Federal Institutions
Reporting of Federal Institutions and Corporate Interests to TB, 2007
Annual Report to Parliament 2008 -- Crown Corporation  --
see Chapter 1
Glossary of Terms from Privy Council (2009)
Corporate Profiles of Other Corporate Interests of Canada

Crown Corporations -- from the Canadian Tax Foundation   ----- Auditor General -- Crown Corporations 2008  ----  Heads of Crown Corporations

Auditor General -- Governance of Small Federal Entities  ---- Auditor General -- Special Examinations of Crown Corporations

The Public Service for the Purposes of the Public Service Terms and Conditions of Employment

Department, Special Operating Agency, Statutory and Other Agencies, Departmental Corporation, Service Agency, Agent of Parliament, Crown Corporations, Mixed Enterprises, Joint Enterprises, Shared-Governance Corporations, Corporations under the terms of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act ---see

Organizations of Federal Interest by Ministerial Portfolioas of July 31, 2008

Parent Crown Corporations by Minister

other crown interests by Minister
Departments and Agencies by Ministerial Portfolio
(Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat -- July 31, 2008)
Schedules I., I.1, And II of the Financial Administration Act

List of Crown corporations, departmental corporations and shared governance organizations (2009-11-17)

Liste des sociétés d'État, des établissements publics et des organismes à gouvernance partagée (2009-11-17)

Reporting to Parliament (budget etc.) -- Government Finances -- Budget Speech -- Budgets --  -- new House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 2nd ed.

Budgets 2
Annual Budget Speeches and Budget documents usually introduced in the House of Commons in February by the Minister of Finance. The Budget Speech delivered by the Minister of Finance reviews the state of the economy and lays out the fiscal policy the government intends to follow. The associated Budget documents contain detailed information relating to the budget including legislation to be introduced to implement measures contained in the budget.

 Financial Procedures (Compendium - House of Commons - Procedure Online)

Financial Procedure -- Compendium of the H. of C.

Expenditure Management System of the Government of Canada

Estimates Publications, Supplementary Estimates, Appropriation Act (Supply Bills), Governor General Special Warrants

Improved Reporting ---Improved Reporting 2  --- Treasury Board Secretariat (see pp.54-66 of PDF)

Departmental Performance Reports 1995-   ---  Departmental Reports on Plans and Priorities 1995-

Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada -- Department of Finance
Published annually in the fall under the joint direction of the President of the Treasury Board, the Minister of Finance and the Receiver General of Canada, the Public Accounts of Canada show in detail how public funds have been spent in the past fiscal year

House of Commons Budget Officer

House of Commons Procedure and Practice,Second Edition, 2009

Chapter 18, Financial Procedures

Chapter 20, Committees

Standing Orders of the House of Commons 

Chapter X, Financial Procedures 

Supply Bills

Treasury Board Alphabetical List of Policies --- Programs & Services --- Public Service List of Toipics  --- Government Services

Treasury Policies -- Archives  --- Treasury Board Activities --- Treasury Board -- Pay & Compensation

Service Canada

Canadian Heritage --- Index

Library and Archives Canada -- Subjects

Library and Archives Canada (Collections Canada) -- Search all

Service Canada

Telephone -- Ottawa---  Telephone -- Everywhere Canada  ---  e-mails---MP info

Telephone --- PCO


Publications --- Government of Canada Publications  Depository Services Program
Government of Canada Publications -- Catalogue ***new 14 February 2011

Publications and Reports     Publiocations and Reports by Departments --- Green Papers (use left column)---  White Papers (use left column)

Federal Royal Commissions 1 --- Federal Royal Commissions 2

Electronic Library ---  DSP -- E Collection ---  Federal Publication Locator

 Archives of Departments

Publications by Departments and Agencies
Links to the publications sections of Government of Canada department and agency Web sites.

Electronic Collection (Library and Archives Canada)
Includes parliamentary and government documents in electronic form.

NOTE:  Access to these electronic documents is also available by searching the National Library collection in the AMICUS database and then clicking on the hot-linked URLs within the cataloguing records. The electronic version of documents can be specified when searching AMICUS Web by using the Advanced Search and selecting WEB DOCUMENT as FORMAT.

Government of Canada Publications and Reports
Provides browseable and searchable access to a wide range of free and priced federal government publications.

The Weekly Checklist (Depository Services Program)

Searchable and browseable database of book and serial titles which have been released during the week by the Parliament of Canada, federal departments, and Statistics Canada.

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-  Termium    
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- Termium GRATUIT

Vocabulaire du Parlement

- Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure

- Associations

CRTC Thésaurus (français) --- CRTC Thesaurus (English)


_ Juridictionnaire

- Le guide du rédacteur

- The Canadian Style

- Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

- Outils de référence

- Government of Canada Thesaurus

- Vocabularies

- Synonymes (français)

- Publications du Bureau de traduction




Supreme Court of Canada (LEXUM) -- CanLII

Books / Articles  of the Trade

Canada Gazette -- Wikipedia

House of Commons -- The Canadian Encyclopedia

House of Commons -- Wikipedia

How Canadians Govern Themselves 
by Eugene Forsey

Guide to the Canadian House of Commons

Canadian Parliamentary Review
Revue parlementaire canadienne

Cabinet Directive on Law-Making
---- Directive du Cabinet sur l'activité législative

Cabinet Directive on Streamlining Regulation --- Lois et règlements : l'essentiel

CALC = Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel

Senate -- Making Canada's Laws --- L'adoption des lois au Sénat

Article on the coming into force of laws --- Article sur l'entrée en vigueur des lois

Article sur le processus législatif  --- Article on the legislative process

"Professional Responsibilities of Legislative Counsel" by John Mark Keyes, (October 2009) The Loophole 38

"Required rule-making: When do you have to make delegated legislation?"  by John Mark Keyes,
(June 2004) The Loophole 49

"Quality control measures in the Legislative Services Branch of the Canadian Department of Justice"  by Ingrid Ludchen, 
(January 2009) The Loophole 28

"Roles of Legislative Drafting Offices and Drafters"  by Katherine MacCormick and John Mark Keyes, 
paper presented
at the 2002 Drafting Conference of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, 33 p.; notes: contains list of guides;
"Drafting against a background of differing legal systems: Canadian bijuralism" by Marc Cuerrier, (July 2007) The Loophole 50

"Instant Bills: The impact of information technology (IT) on legislative drafting in Canada"  by Don Macpherson, 
(March 2005) The Loophole 32

"Whose law is it? A jurilinguistic view from the trenches" by Lise Poirier, (January 2010) The Loophole 50

"Drafting Bills in the Senate and House of Commons"  by Marie-Andrée Roy
"La rédaction des projets de loi au Sénat et à la Chambre des communes"
par Marie-Andrée Roy

"Comprendre le processus de réglementation"  par 
Peter Bernhardt et Paul Salembier, (2002) 25(1) Revue parlementaire canadienne
"Understanding the Regulation Making Process" by 
Peter Bernhardt and  Paul Salembier, (2002) 25(1) Canadian Parliamentary Review

Deavy, Betty and Gauld, Norma. "The Canada Gazette," Canadian Parliamentary Review, Vol. 17, No. 2, 1994.

Foote, Martha. "The Canada Gazette," Government Information in Canada / Information gouvernementale au Canada, Vol. 1, No. 4.2. (Available online at

160 Years of the Canada Gazette HTML version    , [Ottawa]: Government of Canada, 2001 (AMICUS No. 25337412).
160 ans de la Gazette du Canada en format HTML


Developing Regulations  ---- L'élaboration des règlements

Guide to the Federal Regulatory Development  --- Guide du processus d'élaboration des règlements fédéraux

Guide to Making Federal Acts and Regulations, 2nd ed. and  (HTML) --- Lois et règlements -- l'essentiel, 2e éd. and (HTML)

Guide to Making Federal Acts and Regulations

Guide to the Regulatory Process

How a Government Bill becomes Law -- Canada  ---  Comment les projets de loi du gouvernement deviennent des lois -- Canada

Legistics (words and expressions etc.)

National Survey of Legislative Drafting Services 2002

"Legislative Process" in the Compendium of House of Commons Procedure

Guide fédéral de la jurilinguistique législative française

Legislative Unit -- Quick Guide

Amending Bills at Committees

Compendium of Procedure

Committees -- Practical Guide

Marleau and Montpetit--- new House of Commons Procedure and Practice, 2nd ed.

Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure

Private Members Business

Guides to Government Information 
(will end in summer 2010 put back with archives)

Legislation Deskbook
--- Le Manuel de légistique

Guide canadien de rédaction législative française

Federal Regulations Manual ----Le Manuel de la réglementation fédérale

Federal Regulatory Process : Procedures for Submitting Regulations for Ministerial Approval --- Affaires réglementaires : Le processus de réglementation fédérale.


Guide fédéral de la jurilinguistique législative française

Harmonisation de la législation fédérale avec le droit civil de la province de Québec et le bijuridisme canadien

Fiches terminologiques bijuridiques


H. of C. Clippings         
Aljazeera  --- News from the Middle East


CBC News --- Radio-Canada --- CTV News  ---  --- Google News Canada --and

News -- Provinces

CBC -- Inside Politics

Lawyers Weekly


Arts Books --- Hockey Books

World markets-- TSE

Used Kijijii --- Used Ottawa


Jobs -- Public Service

Job Bank

Translator -- WorldLingo

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Older Books on Parliament

BOURINOT, John George, Sir, 1837-1902, Parliamentary procedure and practice; with an introductory account of the origin and growth of parliamentary institutions in the Dominion of Canada, Montreal, Dawson Brothers, 1884, xv, 785 p.; available at,M1 (accessed on 23 October 2008);


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