Fran├žois Lareau
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55-890 Cahill Drive West
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,  K1V  9A4                                           
Tel.: 613-521-3689

Fran├žois Lareau,  2018,


I saw your "" today at ARTBOMB.  I have your name in my Index of Canadian Artists (Visual Arts)
under the letter ""

This index is a hobby.  Once in a while I write directly to an artist.  I would like your permission to put an
image of your art under your name.  Is that ok with you?


I have an interest in art.

Once in a while I decide to write to an artist. 

I write to you because I saw your "Water Mask" on today's ARTBOMB.

I have a website on Canadian artists; I already had your name but I added today's ARTBOMB reference and made a link to your web site -- see your name at lareau-law.ca/peintres_1P.html

The site is a non-profit hobby.  I am retired.

Yes I would like to add an image of your art under your name.  I seek your permission.  It is all free.

It would be good for my hobby and good for you as the site is viewed by art lovers.

All the best from Ottawa,