Bibliography, criminal law of Ceylon (Sri Lankâ; bibliographie, droit pénal du Ceylan
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last  amendment : 4 December 2006
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Ceylon (Sri Lankâ)
Ceylan (Sri Lankâ)

"Criminal Justice System of Sri Lanka", from the Lectric Law Library's  stacks, available at (accessed on 4 December 2006);

A Digest of Ceylon case law on the Penal code,  [Colombo, 1969],  223 l.,  33 cm. (Series: Ceylon law study guide), Notes: Cover title. Pref. signed: C. L. Perera, "Law is reported as at May 1, 1969."; copy at the US Library of Congress;

KARUNARATNE, N.H.A., "World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems -- Sri Lanka", U. S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, circa 1992, available at (accessed on 10 April 2004);

PEIRIS, Gamini Lakshman, General Principles of Criminal Liability in Ceylon: A Comparative Analysis, 2nd ed., Colombo: Lake House Investments Ltd., 1980; first edition in 1972;

Penal Code, see (accessed on 21 July 2003) and (accessed on 21 July 2003);  see also (accessed on 21 December 2006);

___________Offenses under the penal code of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Colombo Sri Lanka : Lake House Invest., cop 1973, 484 p.; informations provenant du Catalogue Collectif RERO (Suisse); 2nd edition in 1980;

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