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How to understand an offence -- The Tripartite Theory of an Offence /
Comment comprendre une infraction -- La théorie tripartite de l'infraction

Albin Eser, 1935-,
In Ottawa, in April 1986, Albin Eser at a meeting with members of the Criminal Law Review Section, Department of Justice
Canada  gave us a copy of his paper "General Structure of the Crime".  SORRY BUT THE COPY IS NOT THE BEST.

Fortunately for English readers, a few years later Dr. Eser published in English his
"Scheme of the General Structure of the Offense" with comments in
his article:
"Die Unterscheidung von Rechtfertigung und  Entschuldigung: Ein Schlüsselproblem des Verbrechensbegriffs"
in Raimo Lahti and Kimmo Nuotio, eds., Criminal Law Theory in Transition: Finnish and Comparative Perspectives/Strafrechtstheorie
Im Umbruch Finnische und vergleichendePerspektiven
, Helsinki:  Finish Lawyers' Publishing Company, 1992, xiv, 604 p., pp. 301-317,
at pages 316-317, ISBN: 9516405940.

Thank you Dr. Eser for your work and efforts!  
You want to read more about the tripartite structure of crime by Albin Eser:
ESER, Albin, "Justification and Excuse", (1976) 24 American Journal of Comparative Law 621-637;  available at (accessed on 28 January 2008);


ESER, ALBIN, "Justification and Excuse: A Key Issue in the Concept of Crime" in Albin Eser et al., eds., Justification and Excuse:
Comparative Perspectives
, vol. 1, Dobbs  Ferry (New York), Transnational Juris Publications, 1987, ISBN: 0929179226, pp. 17-65;
available at (accessed on 28 January 2008);        

Some papers I wrote about this structure of crime

•  "The Tripartite Theory of the Offence", 1999-, updated 2006

•  "La théorie tripartite de l'infraction", 1992-, mise à jour 2006

Some papers I have witten taking into consideration this theory  / Autres documents que j'ai écrit
et dans lesquels, je tiens compte de cette théorie :

- "Why It Is Important To Continue Distinguishing Between Excuses and Justifications", 1986, reviewed 1987

"Le dualisme et un contre-courant dans l'infraction de commission intentionnelle",  1989, revu 2001

"Les mobiles dans un concept d'infraction pénale", 1989-1990, voir aux pages 41-76

 -  "Notes sur l'article 35 du Code pénal de la République fédérale d'Allemagne -- état de nécessité en tant qu'excuse", 1990 

          -   Légitime défense et théorie,  thèse LL.M., Université d'Ottawa, 1992, aux pages 8-33, directeur de thèse: André Jodouin;
              prix pour la meilleure thèse de droit, professeurs de droit du Québec,         

          -   Selected Bibliography on Justification, Excuse and the Tripartite Theory of the Offence/
              Bibliographie choisie sur la justification, l'excuse et la théorie tripartite de l'infraction