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Nigeria / Nigéria

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3.    THE RULE OF LAW...39
11.  THE JUDICIARY...183
14.  FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS...226"  (p. v)

___________Introduction to the Law of Evidence, Agbor (Delta State): PON Publishers, 2003, xiv, 226 p., ISBN: 9783509763; note: Printed by Anointed Tesa Printing Press, Bebin City;

1.    Introduction...1
2.    Relevancy and Admissibility...10
3.    The Doctribne of Res Gestae...18
4.    Admissions...25
5.    Confessions...35
6.    Opinion Evidence...47
7.    Presumptions...62
8.    Estoppel...71
9.    Hearsay Evidence...83
10.  Character Evidence...92
11.  Burden of Proof...100
12.  Privilege...105
13.  Wrongful Admission and Rejection of Evidence...111
14.  Documentary Evidence under Section 91 of the Evidence Act...115
15.  Similar facts Evidence...121
16.  Corroboration...126
17.  Competence and Compelability of...136
    APPENDIX: EVIDENCE ACT...143" (p. vi)

___________Introduction to the Study of Legalogy, Benin City: Anointed Tesa Printing Press, 2003, x, 281 p., see Chapter 6, "Criminal and Civil Legislation", at pp. 52-57, ISBN: 97887625;



The Meaning of Legalogy

    It is necessary to begin by proposing a definition of legalogy and its subject matter.  The word legalogy comes from a combination of two words -- 'legal' and '-logy'.  The 7th Edition of Black's Law Dictionary partly defines 'legal' as relating to law or falling within the province of law.  And the New Webster's Dictionary of the English Language defines '-logy' as the science of or study of.  Therefore, legalogy could be defined as the study or the science of law.  It could be defined as the branch of science, which falls within the jurisdiction of law.  In effect, and in its positive essence, it is the technology of law or a practical approach to the study of law.  Moreover, it is the scientific study of legal determination of human existence and a semblance of the existential determination of laws.

    In this cradle of legalogy, the course must concern itself with the positive science of law.  Accordingly, the scope of the subject covers the nature and essence of law, natural law and rights, legislation and the authority from whom legislation emanates, the privileges and immunities of the legislator from whom legislation comes, the elemental concepts of the law and the procedure for the making of legislation." (p.1 of the book)




7.   NATURAL LAW...58
[INDEX ...280]

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1.   Introduction...1
2.   General Defences I...5
3.   General Defences II...17
4.   Parties to an Offence...32
5.   Attempts and conspiracies...45
6.   Homicide in General...52
7.   Murder...61
8.   Manslaughter...72
9.   Robbery...89
10. Burglary...93
11. Assault...96
12. Rape...99
13. Stealing...104
14. Obtaining by false pretences...109
15. Treason...115
16. Sedition...118
17. Bigamy...122
18. Receiving stolen property...125
19. Demanding with menaces...130
20. Fraudulent false Accounting...133
21. Forgery...136
22. Corruption...141
23. Perjury...145"

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- The pre-CAMA [pre-Companies and Allied Matters Act]...35
- The position under CAMA...37
- Some relevant provisions of other statutes...39
- The Corporate Affairs Commission...39
- Prosecution of corporations for criminal offences...40
- Position of directors...43

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