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Pakistan -  Penal Code 1860

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This anthology offers studies in the criminal law of Islam, its textual foundations, major theories, principles and procedural rules; its working and  social impact in some countries which have retained it in force, process of its re-introduction in a codified form in some other countries; and its place in the modern sciences of criminology and comparative criminal law.

Among the twenty-one studies included in the book, five are by Professor Tahir Mahmood. The remaining sixteen by 18 different authors from heterogeneous backgrounds, cultures and countries have been systematically presented by Dr. Mahmood with an extensive editing, adding  introductory notes and necessary postscripts.

n the whole the book covers almost the entire gamut of the Islamic criminal law principles and current scope and practice.

Contents: Introduction. Part-I: General Studies: Criminal Jurisprudence & Comparative Law Criminal Law in Islam: Basic Sources and General Principles - (Mohammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Jubeir).  Crimes and Punishments under the Various Schools of Shari'ah: A Comparative Overview -( Safia M. Safwat). Ethics of Punishments: Islamic and Western Dispensations - (Fateh M. Sandeela). Philosophy and Basic Principles of Islamic Penal Jurisprudence: A Comparative View -( G. Saqlain Masoodi.) Islamic Criminal Jurisprudence and Social Defence: An Ousider's Appraisal - (N.R. Madhavan Menon).

Part-II: Subject Studies: Specific Crimes and Criminal Procedure. A..Offence Against Life. B..Offences Against Property.C. Offences Relating To Sex D.Criminal Procedure & Evidence.

Part-III: Regional Studies: Criminal Law in the Muslim Countries.A. Muslim Countries in General. B.Saudi Arabia. C.Libya. D.Pakistan" (source:, accessed on 22 August 2004);

The major acts : (as amended up-todate), Lahore : Lahore Law Times, [1992]; contents: "The criminal procedure code, with amendments promulgating Qisas & Diyat -- The Pakistan penal code with amendments promulgating Qisas & Diyat -- The Qanun-E-Shahadat, 1984 -- The limitation act, 1908 -- The Islamic criminal laws -- The explosive substances act, 1908 -- The Surrender of illicit arms ordinance, 1991" (source: the Biddle Law Library, University of pennsylvania, at;

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