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last  amendment: 18 May 2006

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Paraguay -- 1910

"Paraguayan Penal Code

...Briefly, the Paraguayan Penal Code has the following background. The course for which the country opted after the end of the war of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870) was the adoption of foreign, and especially Argentine, legal instruments. In 1903, the Government considered the Argentine text to be very backward and deficient for the times and ordered a new Penal Code to be drafted, entrusting this work to Mr. Teodosio González, an eminent jurist and academic. This text was enacted in 1910 and subsequently underwent some amendment. Since 1989 numerous amendments have been introduced to bring the text into line with national reality.

...The system adopted by the Code is the traditional division into a general part and a special part. Following the practices of the time, the contents are divided into two books. The first, the general part, contains the general principles of the Code: the rules of interpretation and application of penal law, the rules relating to persons responsible for offences, delinquency and accessories, the penalties established and the rules for their application, civil liability deriving from serious and minor offences, and lastly the cases in which penalties may be suspended or extinguished. In the second book, which contains the special part, there is a list of acts which are specifically and expressly characterized as serious or minor offences, and the penalties for each are laid down." (source:; accessed on 21 December 2002)

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