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last  amendment: 4 September 2011

by © François Lareau, 2001-, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
South Africa (Republic) / L'Afrique du Sud

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eventualis%22&lr=&as_brr=0&ei=P6fPR7WPNNC4igH0ldirBQ&sig=9Fsi3iQynrCcfk7xTSIyAbHYU4o#PPA494,M1 and on 6 March 2008);

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     "Academics and judges should not be tempted to support any wholesale conversion to the normative approach, or indeed to support the notion of ‘excuse’, which seems so  convenient a compromise when dealing with complex assessments of different interests. It is submitted that, despite the nuanced perspective such a concept permits, this kind of personal defence does not belong in the substantive criminal law.  It is important to recognise both judicial precedent, which militates against such a proposition, and the merit in accommodating the concept in the procedural realm of sentencing.  Under our Constitution, judges are challenged to harness the approach to criminal law, which has developed in accordance with our peculiar historical, social and political circumstances." see Law

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