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Taiwan (Formose)

Country law study for the Republic of China : an outline of the legal system of the Republic of China and an examination of  the laws of the Republic of China with particular reference to the procedural safeguards contained in the Constitution of the United States / prepared at the direction of the Judge Advocate General of the Army, [Washington : s.n.], 1959, iv, 138 p.; notes: "Prepared by the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, United States Army" (p. 1); bibliography: p. 137-138.

The Criminal code of the Republic of China, Bilingual ed. Translated into English by Lawrence J. Fuller and Henry A. Fisher, Jr., Taipei, 1960, xv, 135, 135 p. (series; Sino-American legal series);

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Laws, etc. (Chung-hua min kuo chu yao fa kuei). English, Major statutes of the Republic of China = [Ying i Chung-hua min kuo chu yao fa kuei / fan i che Fang Chia-lin ... et al. ; pien chi che Ssu fa yüan ti ssu t?ing], Republic of China : Judicial Yuan, 1990-1992, 2 volumes; Contents : v. 1. Constitutional and administrative statutes = Hsien fa chi hsing cheng fa lei -- v. 2. Civil and criminal statutes = Ming hsing fa chi ming hsing su sung fa; notes: Translated from Chinese; prefatory matter in Chinese;

LIU SHU ling, Ken Menzies and Ronald Hinch, "Juvenile justice legislation in Canada and Taiwan", (1998) 8 International Criminal Justice Review 61-73;

LO, Chang-Fa, The legal culture and system of Taiwan,  The Netherlands : Kluwer Law International, xiii, 241 p., ISBN: 9041125256;  limited preview available  at and  at (accessed on 25 May 2008);

SHAN-Tien, Lin, "Taiwan: National Report", (1983) 54(1-2) Revue internationale de droit pénal / International Review of Penal Law *** (Actes du Colloque International, "Conception et principes du droit pénal économique et des affaires y compris la protection du consommateur", tenu à Freiburg-en-Brisgau, République Fédérale d'Allemagne, 20-23 septembre 1982, en préparation pour le 13e Congrès international de droit pénal de l'Association internationale de droit pénal (AIDP) au Caire en 1984 /  Report of the Proceedings of the International Colloquium, "Concept and Principles of Economic and Business Criminal Law",  held in Freiburg i. Br., Federal Republic of Germany, September 20-23, 1983, in preparation for the 13th International Congress of Penal Law of the International Association of Penal Law (IAPL) in Crairo, 1984);

SHEU, Chuen-Jim and Shu-Lung Yang, "World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems -- Taiwan", U. S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, circa 1992, available at (accessed on 10 April 2004);

WANG, Tay-sheng, Legal reform in Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule, 1895-1945 : the reception of western law, Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2000, viii, 288 p. (series; Asian law series ; no. 15), ISBN: 0295978279; see the Table of Contents in the catalogue of the  Biddle Law Library, University of Pennsylvania;

___________Legal reform in Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule, 1895-1945 : the reception of western law, Ph.D. thesis, University of Washgington, 1992, 487 p.;

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