Canadian Military Law/
Droit militaire canadien

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Part I --Web Sites of Interest


Other sites on military law

-Part I -- Canadian Military Law -- Miscellaneous


- Somalia Inquiry & Government Reaction
      -  1995-1997: Somalia Inquiry
Departmental Reaction to Somalia Inquiry
      -  Special Advisory Group on Military Justice and Military Police Investigation Services
          January 1997 to July 1997
-  The Special Senate Committee on the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Somalia (April 1997)
Report to the Prime Minister on the Leadership and Management of the Canadian Forces (March 1997)
Minister's Monitoring Committee on Change in the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces (October 1997 to 1999)
Bill C-25--An Act to amend the National Defence Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts
(Royal Assent, 10 December 1998)
2003 -- Five Year Review of Bill C-25
       - 2011 -- Second Five Year Review of Bill C-25    

Governments Bills 1999-2012 on National Defence Act

- Current Affairs -- Sexual Misconduct

- Court Martial Comprehensive Review 2016-2017

- JAG & DND Web Sites

- Laws, Regulations and Orders

Superseded Legislation

- Web Sites of Interest

Part II -- Canadian Military Law -- Bibliography


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Web Sites of Interest

Federal Government

......Guy Parent, Veterans Ombudman: Image source:
- Veterans Ombudsman

- Veterans Review and Appeal Board Canada

- Bureau of Pension Advocates

- Canadian War Museum / Musée canadien de la guerre

- Library and Archives Canada (Collections Canada) -- Search all

- Federal Departments' Archives

- Info Source -- Government Information  /  Info Source -- Renseignements gouvernement fédéral
                         Iinfo Source -- Archives

           2010, English on DND,  click here                        /   Français  sur le MDN, allez ici  
           2006-2007,  (English) on DND, see pp. 221-269 /  (Français) sur le MDN, voir les pp. 64-123;
           2005-2006,  (English) on DND, see pp. 243-283 /  (Français) sur le MDN, voir les pp. 60-109;
           2004-2005,  (English) on DND, see pp  203-243 /  (Français) sur le MDN, voir les pp. 49-96;
           2003-2004,  (English) on DND, see pp. 158-192 /   ****
           2002-2003,  (English) on DND, click here            /   Français  sur le MDN, allez ici
           2001-2002,  (English) on DND, see pp. 155-175 /   (Français) sur le MDN, voir les pp. 41-63;

Defence Links & International Humanitarian Law

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. Air War College (U.S.A.)

image source:
. Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law

. Aspals Reading List -- Military Legal Publications  available at (accessed 13 November 2015)

. Association internationale des Justices militaires / International Association of Military Justices

. Australia, Department of Defence, Defence Legal


Australian Civil-Military Centre

  Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI)

  Canadian National Committee for Humanitarian Law

. Canadian Red Cross -- International Humanitarian Law

. Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS)

.The Canadian Network for Research on Terorism, Security, and Society



.   Centre d'étude de droit militaire et de droit de la guerre **avec liens**

. Centre for Foreign Policy Studies -- Dalhousie University

Centre for Military and Strategic Studies

. Centre sur la sécurité internationale -- Université Laval

  Conference of Defense Associations and CDA Institute

. Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights 

Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian law and Human Rights ---Canada --RULAC Pages ***choose Canada in upper window

. The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) available at

. Harvard Law School Library -- Program on International Law and Armed Conflict by Jennifer Allison

International Institute of Humanitarian Law / Institut international de droit humanitaire

. International Law of War Association

 International Society for Military Law and the Law of War / Société internationale de droit militaire et de droit de la guerre

IRC -- International Humanitarian Law -- Treaties and Documents -- see Canada

. Journal of Military and Strategic Studies

  Judge Advocate General -- Australian Defence Forces
. Judge Advocate General's Corps United States Air Force
  Links of the Centre d'étude de droit militaire et de droit de la guerre

Library of Congress Military Legal Ressources

  Links from the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces

Links from CAAFLOG

. National Institute of Military Justice

. Military Legal Resources cataloging information for Librarians
. NATO -- e library
. NATO LEGAL DESKBOOK, 2nd ed., 2010
. NATO Legal Gazette
. NATO LibGuides

NMP (Network for Military Prosecutors)

. NORAD -- North American Aerospace Defense Command


Scampi ---
database to articles from 1985 on military and naval art and science, operational warfare, joint planning, national and international politics, and other areas researched by JFSC  (Joint Forces Staff College Ike Skelton Libraryfaculty, staff, and students. 

. The Royal Canadian Military Institute

Canadian Forces College -- SOMNIA

United Nations Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)

. University of Minnesota Human Rights Library -- Law of Armed Conflict

Defence Management Studies, Queen's University

Canadian Naval Review

Esprit de corps

  1. Military Case-law  / Jurisprudence  militaire


BELANGER, Andrea, "Military Law: Where do I find it?", 26 May 2008; Andrea Belanger is JAG Librarian; available at  (accessed on 9 January 2012); important contribution, see in particular the following pages click here: (put on line 3 February 2015);

Courts Martials, site in English, (accessed on 4 February 2015);
Cours martiales, site en français,  (visité le 4 février 2015);

Canada Court Martial Appeal Reports
, Ottawa: [Court Martial Appeal Board], 1957,  xii, 319 p.; one volume published; Vol. 1 (1957), ISSN: 0576-0275; copy at University of Ottawa, Fauteux General, KE 7165 .A49 C347  1957 v.1;

Canada Court Martial Appeal Reports, Ottawa: [Court Martial Appeal Court],  1962-1991, 4 volumes published:  vol. 2: 1966; vol. 3: 1973; vol. 4: 1974-1988; vol. 5:  1989-; ISSN: 0576-0275;
Recueil des arrêts de la Cour d'appel de la Cour martiale du Canada, Ottawa: [Cour d'appel de la Cour martiale] 1962- 1991, 4 volumes ont été publiées: vol. 2: 1966; vol. 3: 1973; vol. 4: 1974-1988; vol. 5: 1989-;  ISSN: 0576-0275
Research note: the volume 5 may be for 1989-1997 and a vol. 6 for 1998-2004, see  University of Ottawa, FTX General, KE 7165 .A49 C347 ;


Canada Court Martial Appeal Reports - Current Service, 1991-,
Recueil des arrêts de la  Cour d'appel de la Cour martiale du Canada - Décisions courantes, 1991-;


Court Martial Appeal Court, decisions, 1992-2014, available at (accessed on 4 February 2015);
Cour d'appel de la Cour martiale, décisions, 1992-2014, disponible à (vérifié le 4 février 2015);

Chief Military Judge (CMJ) -- Juge militaire en chef (JMC)

Courts Martial,  result and decisions / Cours martialesm résultats et décisions:
        -  2015-2013 at
        -  2012-2004, at
      - 2001-2007, at et

LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA, "Courts Martial of the First World War", available at   (accessed 3 February 2015);
BIBLIOTHÈQUE ET ARCHIVES CANADA, "Cours martiales de la Première guerre mondiale", disponible à (vérifié le 3 février 2015);

QUICKLAW, data bases CMAJ (all judgments, 1975 to date) and CMAR (cases reported in the Court Martial Appeal reports, 1974 - ).

War MUSEUM-- The Military History Research Centre’s online catalogue, available at (accessed 1 January 2016);

The Supreme Court of Canada decisions

Mackay v. The Queen1980 CanLII 141 (S.C.C.)[1980] 2 S.C.R. 370
c.  La Reine, [1980] 2 R.C.S. 370

R. v. Généreux1992 CanLII 117 (S.C.C.)[1992] 1 S.C.R. 259
R. c. Généreux, 1992 CanLII 117 (C.S.C.); [1992] 1 R.C.S. 259  

R. v. Moriarity [2015] S.C.C.  55